What we can do for your venue

  • Entertain the kids

    Immersive and interactive, this unique A.R. experience will have the key decision makers hooked – and demanding repeat visits.
  • Stand out from the crowd

    Get ahead of the competition with an innovative and fun way to keep the family entertained.
  • Keep ‘em coming back

    Watch your bottom line grow as families not only stay longer but keep coming back for more.

AR Heroes

The Battle for the Emerald Star

The Emerald Star has called on the warriors to do battle.

Collect and battle warriors from different worlds, times and dimensions. Bring them to life with AR technology on the Grub Lab app.

Bonus A.R. Game Collection

All games are available in an A.R. format in the Grub Lab app. Download it today.
  • Grub-Copter Launch!

    Hey Pilot! It’s time to take the control wheel. Use the helicopter launch pad to get the rotor turning and navigate your way through any setting.

  • Ultimate Memory

    All the cards are face down and for each turn, your mission is to flip two matching cards face up. That’s flippin’ fun!

  • AR colouring

    Grab your pencils and colour in the character on your placemat. Discover a secret ability and watch your coloured characters come to life with the Grub Lab app.

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