Grab Lab & Alloggio have partnered to bring ‘Australia’s Favourite 50’ competition to you! We’re in search to find Australia’s favourite 50 venues, and you’ve been lucky enough to be nominated as one of the best venues in Australia.

There is a five-letter word that brings almost the same terror as speaking the name ‘voldermort’. There is no doubt that the last few years have been crazy, especially for the hospitality industry. We were lucky enough to survive the covid period, so to be here and stronger than ever – we feel that we have so much to celebrate, so we’re doing it in the way of gift-giving!

Welcome to our super fun and exciting celebration that rewards the hospitality industry and its customers!

The Low Down…

Thanks to Alloggio, there is $500,000 worth of luxury holidays to be won. They are some of Australia’s best holiday properties, just by simply voting, one of your patrons could win! The holidays will be awarded to one of the voters from each top 50 venues. Did we mention that each holiday is a whole week!!

The best part about our giveaway is that you (the venue) get to give this prize away with us; it’s a free promotion for which you get all the credit!

One more thing, the top 10 venues will also get the best trophy our industry has ever seen.

So…here is a MASSIVE “Cheers” to you for being nominated and going in running to hopefully being named a Top 50 Venue in Australia!!!

What’s Next

  1. 1. Download your social media & marketing content by CLICKING HERE
  2. 2. Post & share content on your socials, in-house on tv’s, on blackboards, hell, put it on a blimp for the world to see, we don’t mind
  3. 3. Remember to include the link so they can vote for your venue:

Here’s a visual outline of the campaign – you as the venue are pink, and your customers are blue.

What’s the Catch? 

Nada Catcha! It’s just an amazing opportunity to get massive exposure and reward your customers in the process with no out-of-pocket expenses for you. We’re keen on promoting our incredible clients to bring the best venues to light across the country. 

Still have questions?

Get in contact with us:

So, Who is Grub Lab?

We are the worlds BEST Augmented Reality Surprise Packs for kids. We create epic experiences for kids and families to enjoy while they’re dining out at venues like yours!

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Some people call us their babysitters in a box because we know exactly how to keep kids entertained, parents relaxed and in your venue for longer. Just one of the many secrets of happy returning customers is entertainment that changes each month AND includes some of the biggest brands in entertainment; Universal, Minions, Jurassic World, Camp Cretaceous, NRL, AFL & so much more!

We’re proud as punch to say we’re Australian-owned and operated in a little town near Newcastle, NSW. Everything about Grub Lab is completed in-house, it’s home to our designers, illustrators, I.T gurus, customer service legends, marketing crew, human packing machines, engineers, CEO’s, financial wizards, people with degrees of some description and of course our fridge is always stocked for a good time. 

If you haven’t already got Grub Lab bringing customers into your venue, you can see what the rave is all about here.

Alloggio Luxury Escapes

Here are some of the beautiful luxury escapes that can be won.

Beached at Magnetic
Beached at Magnetic
Magnetic Island
Reflections at Sunset Beach
Port Stephens
Great Ocean Road