The World

You’ve been selected to represent your dimension in a battle which has raged since the dawn of time. Join the Guardians as they fight to protect the heart and soul of the world forged by the power of the Emerald Star.

Water element


The shard of water created born from the ocean of Celebore.


The shard of fire born in the fires of the Netherrealm.


The shard of earth created by the Gatekeepers of the Green.

The Emerald Star

A.R. Heroes possess shards of the Emerald Star and draw great power, Green for heroic powers of light, and Red for the powers of dark.

We of the Emerald Guardians fight to protect the star from the Crimson Chaos who seek to corrupt its power. As long as its light shines, balance reigns throughout the EverStream which connects all times, planets, dimensions which we belong to.

We are all but aspects of the same light. And that light comes from the star.

How to play

Battle for the Emerald Star
Number of players : 2

How to play
1. Put all your collective tokens in the middle. To decide who starts, select a card from your deck and place it down. The elements decide who goes first.

2. The player who starts selects a power they want to battle with (Science, speed, magic and strength).

3. Both players then reveal their character card and compare points. The player with the highest points in that power wins the round and gain 2 tokens.

4. The next player plays another round with a new character card from their deck. The first person to collect 7 tokens wins the game.